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Almanac - Monday 9/16/19

B.B. King, Circo Price, 02/06/2010 B.B. King playing at Mandela Day, by flickr user nvivo.es, 5gig

It's Monday, September 16, 2019...

It is the 259th day of the year.

106 days remain until the end of the year.

7 days until autumn begins

169 days until primaries
Tuesday March 3, 2020

(5 months and 16 days from today)

413 days until presidential elections
Tuesday November 3, 2020

(1 year 1 month and 18 days from today)

The sun will rise in San Francisco at 6:53 am

and sunset will be at 7:14 pm.

Today is we will have 12 hours and 21 minutes of daylight.

The first high tide was at 1:16 am

Solar noon will be at 1:03 pm.

The first low tide will be at 7:08 am.

The next high tide at 1:43 pm.

and the final low tide at 7:33 pm.

The Moon is 95.1% visible; a Waning Gibbous

Moon Direction:223.58° SW

Moon Altitude:45.55°

Moon Distance:250763 mi

Next Moonset:Today9:02 am

Last Quarter Moon in 6 days on Saturday, the 21st of September of 2019 at 7:41 pm

New Moon in 13 days on Saturday, the 28th of September of 2019 at 11:26 am

First Quarter Moon in 20 days on Saturday the 5th of October of 2019 at 9:47 am

Full Moon in 27 days on Sunday the 13th of October of 2019 at 2:08 pm

Today is...
Anne Dudley Bradstreet Day
one of first prominent published poets in English-occupied North America in the 17th Century
(not to be confused with the Anne Bradstreet who was victimized by the Salem Witch Trials of about the same time in history)

Mayflower Day
1620 – Pilgrims set sail from England on the Mayflower.

Mexican Independence Day
1810 – With the Grito de Dolores, or the Cry, or the Declaration Of Dolores, Father Miguel Hidalgo begins Mexico's fight for independence from Spain.
National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day

National Collect Rocks Day

National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina

National Guacamole Day

National Play-Doh Day

National Stay Away from Seattle Day

National Tattoo Story Day

Stepfamily Day

Teenager Workout Day

Trail of Tears Commemoration Day

Working Parents Day

Wrinkled Raincoat Day

Today is  also...

Independence Day in Papua New Guinea from Australia in 1975.

International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer
1987 – The Montreal Protocol is signed to protect the ozone layer from depletion.

Malaysian Armed Forces Day

Malaysia Day in Malaysia, Singapore
1963 – Malaysia is formed from the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak. However, Singapore soon leaves this new country.

Martyrs' Day in Libya

National Heroes Day in Saint Kitts and Nevis

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday To You!  You share this special day with...

1880 – Alfred Noyes, English author, poet, and playwright (d. 1958)

1887 – Nadia Boulanger, French composer and educator (d. 1979)

1898 – H. A. Rey, American author and illustrator, co-created Curious George (d. 1977)

1911 – Wilfred Burchett, Australian journalist and author (d. 1983)

1921 – Jon Hendricks, American singer-songwriter (d. 2017)

1921 – Korla Pandit, American pianist and composer (d. 1998)

1924 – Lauren Bacall, American actress (d. 2014)

1925 – Charlie Byrd, American singer and guitarist (d. 1999)

1925 – B.B. King, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (d. 2015)

1927 – Peter Falk, American actor (d. 2011)

1940 – Hamiet Bluiett, American jazz saxophonist and composer (d. 2018)

1949 – Ed Begley Jr., American actor and environmental activist

1950 – Henry Louis Gates Jr., American historian, scholar, and journalist

1954 – Earl Klugh, American guitarist and composer

1971 – Amy Poehler, American actress, comedian, and producer

1974 – Julian Castro, American lawyer and politician, 16th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

...and on this day in history...

1908 – The General Motors Corporation is founded.

1959 – The first successful photocopier, the Xerox 914, is introduced in a demonstration on live television from New York City.

1975 – Cape Verde, Mozambique, and São Tomé and Príncipe join the United Nations.

1992 – The trial of the deposed Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega ends in the United States with a 40-year sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering.

1994 – The British government lifts the broadcasting ban imposed against members of Sinn Féin and Irish paramilitary groups in 1988.