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Every Saturday at 1 p.m., KALW Presents...airs an eclectic mix of historical, seasonal, and timely specials with voices you might not hear anywhere else in the Bay Area.

July 6: American Anthem
From NPR’s Arts Desk, the American Anthem special highlights stories from NPR’s American Anthem series. The hour weaves together the creation, popularization, and evolution of a selection of songs about our shared national identity as Americans. Songs like Fight the Power, This Land is Your Land, Dixie, and The Times They Are a Changin’ were all written as a response to a moment, or movement, and grew into an anthem. These songs and others were meant to serve as a way to unite and push back against politics and division. They speak to the changing ways in which we think and rethink what it means to be an American, and each song has evolved into an anthem of its own.

July 13 Let’s Be Frank
American Public Media celebrates  one of our most beloved and most ridiculed foods: The Hot Dog. The Splendid Table's Francis Lam joins hosts Luke Burbank and Andrew Walsh over a sizzling grill, and explains his own personal love affair.

July 20: Race to the Moon
July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Audiences will hear stories and recollections from those who were there; people like Viktor Yazdovsky, whose father helped prepare dogs for space orbit in the USSR and Joe Guion, who pulled the first space-traveling monkeys out of their capsule; to Colonel Frank Borman, commander of NASA's Apollo 8 mission; Fred Hayes of the stricken Apollo 13 mission; and Harrison Schmitt, one of the last astronauts to walk on the lunar surface.

July 27: Cats & Dogs and Their Health
For a lot of Americans, cats and dogs are more than just pets —they’re our fur babies. We’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep them happy and healthy. But sometimes —whatever it takes, gets complicated and expensive. This episode of The Pulse examines pet health from Prozac to surgery, and the epidemic of fat cats and pudgy pups. Plus, how pets impact human well-being.