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Almanac - Tuesday January 23, 2018


Alma Today is Wednesday January23 , 2018 The 23rd day of 2018--342 left Sunrise this morning 7:19 a.m. set: 5:24 p.m. 10:04 hours of daylight Moonrise: 11:08 a.m. set: 11:59 p.m. SPECIAL CELEBRATIONS TODAY: Today is : National Handwriting Day, National Pie Day and Fresh squeezed juice Day This day in History: 1556 - An earthquake in Shanxi Province, China, was thought to have killed about 830,000 people. 1571 - The Royal Exchange in London, founded by financier Thomas Gresham, was opened by Queen Elizabeth I. 1789 - Georgetown College was established as the first Catholic college in the U.S. The school is in Washington, DC. 1845 - The U.S. Congress decided all national elections would be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. 1849 - English-born Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in America to receive medical degree. It was from the Medical Institution of Geneva, NY. 1907 - Charles Curtis, of Kansas, began serving in the United States Senate. He was the first American Indian to become a U.S. Senator. He resigned in March of 1929 to become U.S. President Herbert Hoover’s Vice President. 1920 - The Dutch government refused the demands from the Allies to hand over the ex-kaiser of Germany. 1924 - The first Labour government was formed, under Ramsay MacDonald. 1937 - In Moscow, seventeen people went on trial during Josef Stalin's "Great Purge." 1941 - The play, "Lady in the Dark" premiered. 1943 - Duke Ellington and the band played for a black-tie crowd at Carnegie Hall in New York City for the first time. 1943 - The British captured Tripoli from the Germans. 1950 - The Israeli Knesset approved a resolution proclaiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 1960 - The U.S. Navy bathyscaphe Trieste descended to a record depth of 35,820 feet (10,750 meters) in the Pacific Ocean. 1964 - Ratification of the 24th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was completed. This amendment eliminated the poll tax in federal elections. 1968 - North Korea seized the U.S. Navy ship Pueblo, charging it had intruded into the nation's territorial waters on a spying mission. The crew was released 11 months later. 1971 - In Prospect Creek Camp, AK, the lowest temperature ever recorded in the U.S. was reported as minus 80 degrees. 1973 - U.S. President Nixon announced that an accord had been reached to end the Vietnam War. 1974 - Mike Oldfield’s "Tubular Bells" opened the credits of the movie, "The Exorcist". 1975 - "Barney Miller" made his debut on ABC-TV. 1977 - The TV mini-series "Roots," began airing on ABC. The show was based on the Alex Haley novel. 1978 - Sweden banned aerosol sprays because of damage to environment. They were the first country to do so. 1983 - "The A-Team" debuted on TV. 1985 - O.J. Simpson became the first Heisman Trophy winner to be elected to pro football’s Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. 1985 - The proceedings of the House of Lords were televised for the first time. 1989 - Surrealist artist Salvador Dali died in Spain at age 84. 1997 - A judge in Fairfax, VA, sentenced Mir Aimal Kasi to death for an assault rifle attack outside the CIA headquarters in 1993 that killed two men and wounded three other people. 1997 - A British woman received a record £186,000 damages for Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). 2001 - A van used by the remaining two fugitives of the "Texas 7" was recovered in Colorado Springs, CO. A few hours later police surrounded a hotel where the convicts were hiding. Patrick Murphy Jr. and Donald Newbury were taken into custody the next morning without incident. 2002 - John Walker Lindh returned to the U.S. under FBI custody. Lindh was charge with conspiring to kill U.S. citizens, providing support to terrorists and engaging in prohibited transactions with the Taliban while a member of the al-Quaida terrorist organization in Afghanistan. 2003 - North Korea announced that it would consider sanctions an act of war for North Korea's reinstatement of its nuclear program IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY YOU SHARE IT WITH: John Hancock 1737 Served as president of the First and Second Continental Congresses (1775-1777). He was the first signer of the United States' Declaration of Independence. Edouard Manet 1832 Joseph Nathan Kane 1899 Randolph Scott 1903 Dan Duryea 1907 David Duncan 1916 - Photojournalist Ernie Kovacs 1919 Ray Abrams 1920 Marty Paich 1925 Jeanne Moreau 1928 Ken Errair (The Four Freshmen) 1928 Chita Rivera 1933 Lou Antonio 1934 Eugene Church 1938 Johnny Russel 1940 Gil Gerard 1943 Rutger Hauer 1944 Jerry Lawson (The Persuasions) 1944 Anita Pointer (The Pointer Sisters) 1948 Richard Dean Anderson 1950 Bill Cunningham (The Box Tops) 1950 Danny Federici (E Street Band) 1950 Robin Zander (Cheap Trick) 1953 Princess Caroline of Monaco 1957 Earl Falconer (UB40) 1959 Gail O'Grady 1963 Mariska Hargitay 1964 Marc Nelson 1971 Tiffany-Amber Thiessen 1974 Tags: almanacnac - Tuesday January 23, 2018