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Philosophy Talk: The Lure of Immortality

"Immortality" by Rodrigo Ramirez, used under CC license

No rational person wants to be infinitely tall or infinitely heavy, so why would anyone want to be infinitely old?

Would you want to live forever? It's a tempting notion that has been explored and imagined for centuries. Immortality may be desirable, but it may also be that death is a significant part of what gives meaning to life. So what would a society of immortal individuals look like? What might some of the challenges or rewards of an immortal life be? How would living forever affect our relationships with one another, our life goals, or simply the way we perceive time? Would the impacts of immortality ultimately be beneficial or detrimental to us? John and Ken tempt fate with John Fischer from UC Riverside, author of Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death, and Free Will. Sunday 10/1 at 10 am and Tuesday 10/3 at 12 noon.