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Almanac - Friday 9/8/17

It's the birthday of a great Bohemian: Antonin Dvorak

Today is Friday, September 8th, 2017, the 251st day of the year with 114 days remaining.

  • Sunrise: 6:46am
  • Sunset: 7:28pm

...giving us 12 hours and 42 minutes of daylight.  97% of the waning moon will be visible, rising at 9:14pm
Tides at the Golden Gate

  • High: 1:21am/1:56pm
  • Low: 7:16am/7:42pm

Special international celebrations today…

  • Crowning of Vytautas the Great - Lithuania
  • Dia de Asturias - Spain
  • Dia de Extremadura - Spain
  • Feast of Our Lady of Victories - Malta
  • Independence Day - Macedonia
  • Internal Autonomy Day - French Polynesia
  • Mala gospa - Nativity of the Virgin Mary - Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • National Day & Our Lady of Meritxell - Andorra
  • Nativity of Our Lady - Liechtenstein
  • Nuesta Senora de la Victoria - Spain
  • Siege of Leningrad Day - Russia
  • Virgen de la Cinta - Spain
  • Virgen de la Fuensanta - Spain
  • Virgen de la Pena - Spain
  • Virgin of Cocharcas - Peru
  • Virgin of Guadalupe - Peru
  • International Literacy Day

It’s also…

  • National Ampersand Day
  • National Dog Walker Appreciation Day
  • Pardon Day
  • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day
  • Stand Up To Cancer Day
  • World Physical Therapy Day
  • National Date-Nut Bread Day
  • Feast of St. Adrian of Nicomedia, patron of butchers

On this day in…

1565 - A Spanish expedition established the first permanent European settlement in North America at

present-day St. Augustine,FL.

1664 - The Dutch surrendered New Amsterdam to the British, who then renamed itNew York.

1866 - The first recorded birth of sextuplets took place in Chicago,IL. The parents were James and Jennie Bushnell.

1892 - An early version of "The Pledge of Allegiance" appeared in "The Youth's Companion."

1893 - In New Zealand, the Electoral Act 1893 was passed by the Legislative Council. It was consented by the governor on September 19 giving all women in New Zealand the right to vote.

1935 -U.S. Senator Huey P. Long, "The Kingfish" ofLouisiana politics, was shot and mortally wounded. He died two days later.

1945 - In Washington,DC, a bus equipped with a two-way radio was put into service for the first time.

1945 - Bess Myerson ofNew York was crowned Miss America. She was the first Jewish contestant to win the title.

1951 - A peace treaty with Japan was signed by 48 other nations in San Francisco,CA.

1960 - NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville,AL, was dedicated byU.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The facility had been activated in July earlier that year.

1966 - NBC-TV aired the first episode of "Star Trek" entitled "The Man Trap". The show was canceled on September 2, 1969.

1971 - In Washington, DC, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was inaugurated. The opening featured the premiere of Leonard Bernstein's "Mass."

1973 - Hank Aaron hit his 709th home run.

1974 -U.S. President Ford granted an unconditional pardon to formerU.S. President Nixon.

1975 - In Boston,MA, public schools began their court-ordered citywide busing program amid scattered incidents of violence.

1986 - Herschel Walker made his start in the National Football League (NFL) after leaving the New Jersey Generals of the USFL.

1997 - America Online acquired CompuServe.

1998 - Mark McGwire (St. Louis Cardinals) hit his 62nd home run of the season. He had beaten a record that had stood for 37 years by Roger Maris. McGwire would eventually reach 70 home runs on September 27.

1999 - Russia's Mission Control switched off the Mir space station's central computer and other systems to save energy during a planned six months of unmanned flights.

2015 - British researchers announced that evidence of a larger version of Stonehenge had been located about 2 miles from the Stonehenge location. There were 90 buried stones that had been found by ground penetrating radar.

Today’s birthday celebrants include (or included)...

  • Richard the Lionhearted (England) 1157
  • Antonin Dvorak 1841
  • Jimmie Rodgers 1897
  • Claude Pepper 1900
  • Hillary Brooke 1914
  • Sid Caesar 1922
  • Peter Sellers 1925
  • Harlan Howard 1927
  • Patsy Cline 1932
  • Willie Tyler 1940
  • Alan Feinstein 1941
  • Christopher Connelly 1941
  • Dante Drowty (Dante and The Evergreens) 1941
  • Brian Cole (The Association) 1942
  • Ron McKernan (Grateful Dead) 1945
  • Ben Orr (Benjamin Orzechowski) (The Cars) 1947
  • Ann Beattie 1947
  • Will Lee 1952
  • Heather Thomas 1957
  • Michael Lardie (Great White) 1958
  • David Steele (English Beat, Fine Young Cannibals) 1960
  • Aimee Mann 1960 - Singer, musician ('Til Tuesday)
  • Marc Gordon (Levert) 1964
  • David Arquette 1971
  • Larenz Tate 1975
  • Pink (Alecia Beth Moore) 1979 - Singer
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas 1981


David Latulippe is host of On the Arts, KALW's weekly radio magazine of the performing arts, as well as for Explorations in Music, and the Berkeley Symphony broadcasts. He has also hosted and produced the radio series From the Conservatory, Music from Mills, and Music at Menlo, and is principal guest host for Revolutions Per Minute.