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KALW Almanac - Thursday May 19, 2016

May 19 is the 140th day of the year.

There are 226 days remaining until the end of the year.

The sun will rise in San Francisco at 5:55 am 

and sunset will be at 8:17 pm. 

Today we will have 14 hours and 22 minutes of sun. 

The solar transit will be at 1:06 pm.

It's a Waxing Gibbous Moon, 95 percent illuminated

we should have a Full Moon on Saturday

Moonset Today: 4:57 AM↑ 258° West

Moonrise Today: 6:25 PM↑ 104° East

The first low tide was at 5:03 am 

and the next low tide will be at 4:42 pm. 

The first high tide will be at 11:43 am 

and the next high tide at 11:02 pm.

Today is…


National Devil's Food Cake Day

National May Ray Day, as in soaking in rays of the sun

Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day in Turkey and Northern Cyprus

Greek Genocide Remembrance Day in Greece

Hồ Chí Minh's Birthday in Vietnam

Malcolm X Day in the United States of America

National Asian & Pacific Islander HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in the United States

Hepatitis Testing Day also in the United States

and Mother's Day in Kyrgyzstan

If today is your birthday, Happy Birthday To You!  You get to share this special day with….

1593 – Jacob Jordaens, Flemish painter and illustrator (d. 1678); painted scenes of peasant life

1795 – Johns Hopkins, American businessman and philanthropist (d. 1873) he endowed Johns Hopkins University and hospital

1879 – Nancy Astor, Viscountess Astor, American-English politician (d. 1964); American-born English politician; first woman in the British House of Commons

1881 – Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Turkish marshal and politician, 1st President of Turkey (d. 1938)

1890 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese politician, 1st President of Vietnam (d. 1969)

1925 – Pol Pot, Cambodian general and politician, 29th Prime Minister of Cambodia (d. 1998)

Happy Birthday Lorraine Hansberry and Malcolm X


1925 – Malcolm X, American minister and activist (d. 1965)

1930 – Lorraine Hansberry, American playwright and director (d. 1965) wrote "Raisin in the Sun"

1934 – Jim Lehrer, American journalist and author

1940 – Mickey Newbury, American singer-songwriter (d. 2002)

1941 – Nora Ephron, American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2012)

1945 – Pete Townshend, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Who, Deep End, and Thunderclap Newman)

and it's the birthday of Andre The Giant, who was real person, and an icon in graffitti art.

1946 – André the Giant, French-American wrestler and actor (d. 1993)

1947 – Paul Brady, Irish singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Planxty and The Johnstons)

1947 – David Helfgott, Australian pianist

1948 – Grace Jones, Jamaican-American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1951 – Joey Ramone, American singer-songwriter (Ramones and Sniper) (d. 2001)

1966 – Jodi Picoult, American author and educator

On this day in history….

639Ashina Jiesheshuai and his tribesmen assaulted Emperor Daizong at Jiucheng Palace.

715Pope Gregory II is elected.

1051Henry I of France is married to Anne of Kiev.

1445John II of Castile defeats the Infantes of Aragon at the First Battle of Olmedo.

1499Catherine of Aragon is married by proxy to Arthur, Prince of Wales. Catherine is 13 and Arthur is 12.

1535French explorer Jacques Cartier sets sail on his second voyage to North America with three ships, 110 men, and Chief Donnacona's two sons (whom Cartier had 
kidnapped during his first voyage).

1536Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII of England, is beheaded for adultery, treason, and incest.

1542The Prome Kingdom falls to the Taungoo Dynasty in present-day Burma.

1568Queen Elizabeth I of England orders the arrest of Mary, Queen of Scots.

1588The Spanish Armada set sail for England.

1643Thirty Years' War: French forces under the duc d'Enghien decisively defeat Spanish forces at the Battle of Rocroi, marking the symbolic end of Spain as a dominant land power.

1649An Act of Parliament declaring England a Commonwealth is passed by the Long Parliament. England would be a republic for the next eleven years.

1655The Invasion of Jamaica begins during the Anglo-Spanish War.

1743Jean-Pierre Christin developed the centigrade temperature scale.

1749King George II of Great Britain grants the Ohio Company a charter of land around the forks of the Ohio River.

1776American Revolutionary War: A Continental Army garrison surrenders in the Battle of The Cedars.

1780 New England's Dark Day: A combination of thick smoke and heavy cloud cover causes complete darkness to fall on Eastern Canada and the New England area of the 
United States at 10:30 A.M.

1802Napoleon Bonaparte founds the Legion of Honour.

1828U.S. President John Quincy Adams signs the Tariff of 1828 into law, protecting wool manufacturers in the United States.

1845Captain Sir John Franklin and his ill-fated Arctic expedition depart from Greenhithe, England.

1848Mexican–American War: Mexico ratifies the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo thus ending the war and ceding California, Nevada, Utah and parts of four other modern-day 
U.S. states to the United States for US$15 million.

1897Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol.

1911Parks Canada, the world's first national park service, is established as the Dominion Parks Branch under the Department of the Interior.

1917The Norwegian football club Rosenborg BK is founded.

1919Mustafa Kemal Atatürk lands at Samsun on the Anatolian Black Sea coast, initiating what is later termed the Turkish War of Independence.

1921The United States Congress passes the Emergency Quota Act establishing national quotas on immigration.

1922The Young Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union is established.

1934Zveno and the Bulgarian Army engineer a coup d'état and install Kimon Georgiev as the new Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

1935T.E. Lawrence, also known as "Lawrence of Arabia," died in England from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash.

1941The Viet Minh, a communist coalition, formed at Cao Bằng Province, Vietnam.

1942World War II: In the aftermath of the Battle of the Coral Sea, Task Force 16 heads to Pearl Harbor.

1943World War II: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt set Monday, May 1, 1944 as the date for the Normandy landings ("D-
Day"). It would later be delayed over a month due to bad weather.

1950A barge containing munitions destined for Pakistan explodes in the harbor at South Amboy, New Jersey, devastating the city.

1950Egypt announces that the Suez Canal is closed to Israeli ships and commerce.

1959The North Vietnamese Army establishes Group 559, whose responsibility is to determine how to maintain supply lines to South Vietnam; the resulting route is the Ho Chi Minh trail.

1961Venera program: Venera 1 becomes the first man-made object to fly-by another planet by passing Venus (the probe had lost contact with Earth a month earlier and did not send back any data).

1961At Silchar Railway Station, Assam, 11 Bengalis die when police open fire on protesters demanding state recognition of Bengali language in the Bengali Language 

1962Actress Marilyn Monroe performed a sultry rendition of "Happy Birthday" for President John F. Kennedy during a fundraiser at New York's Madison Square Garden.

1963The New York Post Sunday Magazine publishes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail.

1967The Soviet Union ratified a treaty with the United States and Britain banning nuclear weapons from outer space.

1971Mars probe program: Mars 2 is launched by the Soviet Union.

1984Michael Larson, a contestant on the television game show Press Your Luck exploits a bug in the prize board, and wins over US$110,000.

1986The Firearm Owners Protection Act is signed into law by U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

1991Croatians vote for independence in a referendum.

1992Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot and seriously wounded in Massapequa, N.Y., by her husband Joey's teenage lover, Amy Fisher.

1992The 27th Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits Congress from giving itself midterm pay raises, went into effect.

1994Former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died in New York at age 64.

1997The Sierra Gorda biosphere, the most ecologically diverse region in Mexico, is established as a result of grassroots efforts.

2001Apple, Inc. opened its first retail stores, in Tysons Corner, Va., and Glendale, Calif.

2004Specialist Jeremy C. Sivits received a year in prison and a bad conduct discharge in the first court-martial stemming from abuse of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison.

2005"Revenge of the Sith," the final chapter of the "Star Wars" saga, opened in movie theaters.

2007 President of Romania Traian Băsescu survives an impeachment referendum and returns to office from suspension.

2010The Royal Thai Armed Forces concludes its crackdown on protests by forcing the surrender of United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship leaders.

2011Katie Couric, the first regular solo anchorwoman of a network evening newscast, signed off the "CBS Evening News" for the last time after five years.

2012Three gas cylinder bombs explode in front of a vocational school in the Italian city of Brindisi, killing 1 and injuring 5 others.

2012A car bomb explodes near a military complex in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, killing 9 people.
2015The Refugio oil spill deposited 142,800 U.S. gallons (3,400 barrels) of crude oil onto an area in California considered one of the most biologically diverse coastlines of the west coast.