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Almanac ~ Friday, 2/12/16

43rd Day of 2016, 323 Remaining

Spring Begins in 36 Days

Sunrise: 7:03am    Sunset: 5:45pm

10 Hours 42 Minutes of sunlight today

Moon Rise: 9:40am, 13% visible, waxing   Moon Set: 10:47pm

Tides at the Golden Gate

High: 2:18am/2:25pm

Low: 8:06am/8:14pm

Special Celebrations today include…

Isra and Merag - Sudan

Union of Myanmar - Myanmar

Youth Day - Venezuela

International Darwin Day

It’s also…


Oglethorpe Day

Paul Bunyan Day

Safety Pup Day

National Plum Pudding Day

St. Julian the Hospitaler, patron of travelers and innkeepers, is celebrated today

On this day in…

1541 - The city of Santiago, Chile was founded.

1554 - Lady Jane Grey was beheaded after being charged with treason. She had claimed the throne of England for only nine days.

1733 - Savannah, GA, was founded by English colonist James Oglethorpe.

1870 - In the Utah Territory, women gained the right to vote.

1878 - Frederick W. Thayer patented the baseball catcher’s mask.

1879 - The first artificial ice rink opened in North America. It was at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY.

1880 - The National Croquet League was organized in Philadelphia, PA.

1892 - In the U.S., President Lincoln's birthday was declared to be a national holiday.

1907 - A collision of the steamer Larchmont and a schooler resulted in the death of more than 300 people. The incident occurred off New England's Block Island.

1909 - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was founded.

1912 - China's boy emperor HsuanT'ung announced that he was abdicating, ending the Manchu Ch'ing dynasty. Subsequently, the Republic of China was established.

1915 - The cornerstone of the Lincoln Memorial was laid in Washington, DC.

1918 - All theatres in New York City were shut down in an effort to conserve coal.

1924 - U.S. President Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential political speech on radio.

1924 - "The Eveready Hour" became radio’s first sponsored network program. The National Carbon Company was the first sponsor of a network show.

1934 - The Export-Import Bank was incorporated.

1940 - Mutual Radio presented the first broadcast of the radio play "The Adventures of Superman."

1968 - "Soul on Ice" by Eldridge Cleaver was published for the first time.

1971 - James Cash (J.C.) Penney died at the age of 95. The company closed for business for one-half day as a memorial to the company's founder.

1973 - The State of Ohio went metric, becoming the first in the U.S. to post metric distance signs.

1973 - American prisoners of war were released for the first time during the Vietnam conflict.

1985 - Johnny Carson surprised his audience by shaving the beard he had been wearing on "The Tonight Show."

1993 - In Liverpool, England, a 2-year-old boy, James Bulger, was lured away from his mother at a shopping mall and beaten to death. Two ten-year-old boys were responsible.

1998 - A U.S. federal judge declared that the presidential line-item veto was unconstitutional.

1999 - U.S. President Clinton was acquitted by the U.S. Senate on two impeachment articles. The charges were perjury and obstruction of justice.

2001 - The space probe NEAR landed on the asteroid Eros. It was the first time that any craft had landed on a small space rock.

2002 - Kenneth Lay, former Enron CEO, exercised his constitutional rights and refused to testify to the U.S. Congress about the collapse of Enron.

2002 - The trial of former Yugoslav President SlobodanMilosevic began at the U.N. tribunal in The Hague. Milosevic was accused of war crimes during the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

2002 - Pakistan charged three men in connection with the kidnapping of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi.

2002 - Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Franco Knie won a defamation-of-character lawsuit against the Swiss magazine "Facts." The case involved a photomontage created by the magazine.

2003 - The U.N. nuclear agency declared North Korea in violation of international treaties. The complaint was sent to the Security Council.

2004 - Mattel announced that "Barbie" and "Ken" were breaking up. The dolls had met on the set of their first television commercial together in 1961.

2013 - North Korea conducted its third underground nuclear test.

Birthday celebrants today include (or included)…

John Winthrop 1588

Charles Darwin 1809

Abraham Lincoln 1809

Anna Pavlova 1881

Ted Mack (William Maguiness) 1904

Tex (Gordon) Beneke 1914

Lorne Green 1915

Dom DiMaggio 1917

Forrest Tucker 1919

Mel Powell 1923

Franco Zeffirelli 1923

Joe Garagiola 1926

Bill Russell 1934

Gene McDaniels 1935

Joe Don Baker 1936 - Actor

Judy Blume 1938

Raymond Manzarek 1939

Moe Bandy 1944

Charles Pasarell 1944

Maud Adams 1945

Cliff DeYoung 1945

Joe Schermie 1948

Michael Ironside 1950

Steve Hackett 1950

Michael McDonald 1952

Simon MacCorkindale 1952

Joanna Kerns 1953

Arsenio Hall 1955

Christine Elise 1965

Josh Brolin 1968

Chynna Phillips 1968

Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies)1970

Keri Lewis 1971

Jesse Spencer 1979

Juan Carlos 1980

Christina Ricci 1980 

David Latulippe is host of On the Arts, KALW's weekly radio magazine of the performing arts, as well as for Explorations in Music, and the Berkeley Symphony broadcasts. He has also hosted and produced the radio series From the Conservatory, Music from Mills, and Music at Menlo, and is principal guest host for Revolutions Per Minute.