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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Extended Interview with Jinho Ferreira

Jim Dennis

Cops and Robbers” is a one-man play now showing at the Marsh Theater in Berkeley. It’s an emotionally-charged piece that delves into the details of a fictitious officer-involved shooting in Oakland. In it, you’ll find a variety of characters -- including a pimp, a police officer, a conservative radio host, and a news reporter -- all with their own perspectives and prejudices.

The actor and writer of this play is Jinho Ferreira, an internationally known rapper. In 2010, he entered the police academy. He is now a sheriff’s deputy in Alameda County. 

In this extended interview, KALW's Rachel Dornhelm talks with Jinho Ferreira about what motivated him to become a cop, and what led him to write "Cops and Robbers."

JINHO FERREIRA: I kept running away from it. I kept mathematically coming back to that answer and saying, “No. There’s no possible way I can do this. I can’t be a cop! I can’t do it!” Well, why not? Right? And the “why not” was never stronger than the “why I should.” And I would talk to people and they would say “No, you can’t do it!” And I would say, “Why not?" ... So ultimately, you know, I did it. I did it.

This piece originally aired in October 2014. Click the player above to listen to the extended interview. To hear the edited version, click here

Cops and Robbers plays Saturdays at 5pm at Berkeley's Marsh Theater until October 3, 2015. For more information, go to themarsh.org.