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Philosophy Talk asks: Why (not) believe in an afterlife?


The question of what happens to us after we die remains as mysterious now as it always was. Some think that death amounts to total annihilation of the self; others adhere to certain religious traditions, which teach that the immaterial soul (and, in some traditions, the resurrected body) can ultimately survive death. So how are we to judge between these radically different views of what happens to us in death? What would it mean for the self to persist beyond the destruction of the body? Is there room in a scientific account of the mind for the existence of an immaterial soul? John and Ken see the light with Richard Swinburne from the University of Oxford, author of Mind, Brain, and Free Will. Philosophy Talk with John Perry and Ken Taylor ~ Join the conversation this Sunday, 1/11 at 10 am by calling 1-800-525-9917.