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August 6, 2014

Both Lucy's & Andy's Birthday today!

218th day of 2014, 147 remaining

Tides at the Golden Gate:

High: 9:34am/8:22pm    Low: 2:24am/1:55pm

Sunrise:  6:18am   Sunset: 8:13pm 

Moonset: 1:58am  Moonrise: 4:35pm    69% visible

Special celebrations today...

  • Accession of H.H. Sheikh Zayed - United Arab Emirates
  • Independence Day – Bolivia, Jamaica
  • The Transfiguration – Bulgaria
  • Hiroshima Day
  • National Fresh Breath Day
  • National Root Beer Float Day

On this day in...

1787 - At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia debate began on the first draft of the U.S. Constitution.

1806 - The Holy Roman Empire went out of existence as Emperor Francis II abdicated.

1825 - Bolivia declared independence from Peru.

1879 - The first Australian rules football game to be played at night took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The game was to promote the introduction of electricity to the city of Melbourne.

1890 - Cy Young achieved his first major league victory. He would accumulate 511 in his career.

1914 - Austria-Hungary declared war against Russia. Serbia declared war against Germany.

1926 - Gertrude Ederle became the first American woman to swim the English Channel. She was 19 years old at the time. The swim took her 14 1/2 hours.

1926 - Warner Brothers premiered its Vitaphone system in New York. The movie was "Don Juan," starring John Barrymore.

1939 - Dinah Shore started her own show on the NBC Blue radio network.

1945 - The American B-29 bomber, known as the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on an inhabited area. The bomb named "Little Boy" was dropped over the center of Hiroshima, Japan. An estimated 140,000 people were killed. (8:16am Japanese time)

1949 - Chicago White Sox player Luke Appling played in the 2,154th game of his 19-year, major league career.

1952 - Satchel Paige, at age 46, became the oldest pitcher to complete a major league baseball game.

1960 - Nationalization of U.S. and foreign-owned property in Cuba began.

1962 - Jamaica became an independent dominion within the British Commonwealth.

1965 - The Voting Rights Act was signed by U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson.

1969 - The first fair ball to be hit completely out of Dodger Stadium occurred. Willie "Pops" Stargell, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, hit the ball 506 feet from home plate.

1981 - Fire fighters in Indianapolis, IN, answered a false alarm. When they returned to their station it was ablaze due to a grease fire.

1981 - Lee Trevino was disqualified from the PGA Championship in Duluth, GA when he had his scorecard signed by Tom Weiskopf instead of himself.

1985 - The 40th anniversary of the Hiroshima atomic bombing brought tens of thousands of Japanese and foreigners to Hiroshima.

1986 - William J. Schroeder died. He lived 620 days with the Jarvik-7 manmade heart. He was the world's longest surviving recipient of a permanent artificial heart.

1986 - Timothy Dalton became the fourth actor to be named "James Bond."

1989 - Jaime Paz Zamora was inaugurated as the president of Bolivia.

1990 - The U.N. Security Council ordered a worldwide trade embargo with Iraq. The embargo was to punish Iraq for invading Kuwait.

1993 - The U.S. Senate confirmed Louis Freeh to be the director of the FBI.

1993 - Morihiro Hosokawa was elected prime minister of Japan.

1995 - Thousands of glowing lanterns were set afloat in rivers in Hiroshima, Japan, on the 50th anniversary of the first atomic bombing.

1996 - NASA announced the discovery of evidence of primitive life on Mars. The evidence came in the form of a meteorite that was found in Antarctica. The meteorite was believed to have come from Mars and contained a fossil.

1997 - Apple Computer and Microsoft agreed to share technology in a deal giving Microsoft a stake in Apple's survival.

1998 - Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spent 8 1/2 hours testifying before a grand jury about her relationship with U.S. President Clinton.

Birthday celebrants today include (or included):

  • Alfred Lord Tennyson 1809
  • Leo Carrillo 1881
  • Louella Parsons 1881
  • Sir Alexander Fleming 1881
  • Scott Nearing 1883
  • Hoot Gibson 1892
  • Harry E. Cooper 1904 - Golfer
  • Helen Hull Jacobs 1908
  • Charles Crichton 1910
  • Lucille Ball 1911
  • Robert Mitchum 1917
  • Buddy Collette 1921
  • Sir Freddie Laker 1922
  • Andy Warhol 1928
  • Abbey Lincoln 1930
  • Paul Bartel 1938
  • Peter Bonerz 1938
  • Ray Buktenica 1942
  • Michael Anderson Jr. 1943
  • Andy Messersmith 1945
  • Dorian Harewood 1950
  • Catherine Hicks 1951
  • Pat McDonald (Timbuk 3) 1953
  • Stephanie Kramer 1956
  • Randy DeBarge 1958
  • Peggy Lynn (The Lynns) 1964
  • Patsy Lynn (The Lynns) 1964
  • Lisa Stewart 1968
  • Geri Estelle Halliwell (Spice Girls) 1972 
  • Soleil Moon Frye 1976