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Interview with Iraqi refugee Ahmed Al Kubaisi

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq -- and even though the U.S. officially left the country in 2011, it's  still a country in turmoil. Just yesterday, a series of bombings claimed the lives of 16 people, just one slice of how difficult life can be there.  Millions of Iraqis have left -- many ending up in neighboring countries, or with the help of the U.N., getting refugee status in the U.S. or Europe. California is now home to the largest number of Iraqi refugees in the U.S.

Today, we hear the story of how  one Iraqi made his way to a hospital here in the Bay Area, his name is Ahmed Al Kubaisi.  Ahmed is from Fallujah, where he lived across the street from an American military base. One day, while going to the local market Ahmed was shot by a stray bullet in the street. He was 15 years old.

Part I: The story of Ahmed Kabaisi

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Part II: The Future

Ahmed Al Kubaisi has been in and out of hospitals over the past few years.  He’s unable to use his lower body and legs and continues to suffer from life threatening bed sore wounds that weren’t properly treated. Kubaisi has been through many challenges physically and  culturally it's been an adjustment as well.


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