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Four Tet Joins Forces with Do LaB Founders at the Historic Cow Palace

Four Tet (Kieran Hebden) behind DJ decks that the historic Cow Palace venue in San Francisco.
Credit to Stories By Say

On October 29, artist Kieran Hebden, also known as Four Tet, joined forces with Jesse, Josh, and Dede Flemming, the brothers and founders behind Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) and Coachella's Do LaB stage, for a Halloween-night collaboration at San Francisco’s Cow Palace. “We’ve always been a big fan of Four Tet,” said Jesse. “We’d been listening to him for years before he was having this moment. He loves what we do and appreciates the art aspect of it––and wanted Do LaB to produce and design the whole show.”

Working together with Four Tet, the Flemming brothers brought the vibrant energy of Lightning in a Bottle and their creative stage and lighting design to the Bay Area. By incorporating elements from the Woogie Stage at LIB and various parts of past Coachella stages, Do LaB constructed a completely fresh setting and atmosphere inside Cow Palace.

Stories By Say

Four Tet, known for his diverse range of musical styles and innovative soundscapes, captivated the audience with a mesmerizing performance that paired well with Do LaB’s artistry. Throughout his open-to-close set, he skillfully manipulated beats and melodies, creating a sonic journey that transcended the boundaries of time and space. Vibrant colors danced across the Cow Palace, evoking the crowd to let out a loud "woah" in unison and move their bodies to the rhythm of the music.

This is usually the goal for Jesse, Josh, and Dede. To create an immersive experience where people can fully enjoy the music and the visual spectacle. They carefully plan and execute the lighting effects, using a mix of colors, angles, and intensity to enhance the overall atmosphere. For their show with Four Tet, they had hanging lights that would transform colors and move up and down from the ceiling.

Three attendees in Halloween costumes
Paloma Y. Abarca Cortes

In this vibrant atmosphere of artistic expression, attendees fully embraced Halloween, crafting costumes that turned the entire gathering into a carnival. However, it was the remarkable number of cow-themed outfits, adorned with majestic crowns, that playfully acknowledged the event's connection to the Cow Palace.

The energy of the night was a testament to the synergy between Four Tet and the Do LaB—a night where music and art intertwined in a breathtaking display of creative prowess. Do LaB’s festival Lightning in a Bottle will be returning next year from May 22-27, 2024 at Buena Vista Lake in Bakersfield.