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What we all need to know about the crypto space

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Why is so much money flowing into crypto? Whether its ads for new apps or the big bucks behind those lobbying for digital currencies, it is here. Central Bank digital currencies (CBDC’s) are coming.

Its fans say the purpose of a decentralized blockchain, the system that underpins crypto, levels the playing field between banks, governments, and the public. The shock of the housing crisis and movements like Occupy Wall Street fueled its rise.

Crypto evangelists say it’s more democratic and relies on a ledger that is checked and double-checked globally to verify the authenticity of a transaction.

People are making money. Plenty are losing money too. Given some of the recent busts, and the reputations of those involved, some worry that it remains too easy to scam investors. But governments are cracking down. There’s also the white supremacy thing too.

Is crypto a safe space for Americans’ money?

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Rupert Allman