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Re-Entering The Outside World After Prison Isn't Always So Easy

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flickr user Bob Jagendorf
For Peralta, even a trip to the grocery store meant facing a new and unfamiliar set of social rules.

From the series Uncuffed:

Andrew Peralta spent two decades in some of California’s most dangerous prisons -- including time in solitary confinement, known as the “SHU.”

Inside, he was confident. But when he was released back into the free world, fear and confusion gripped him like an icy blizzard. Peralta spoke with Uncuffed producer b.f. thames, about some of the things that intimidated him about freedom, and how his difficulty adjusting led him on a path back to incarceration.

“It seemed like no one paid attention. There was no civility. At every moment, if something happened people would just turn; they could get violent.”
Andrew Peralta

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From The Producers Of UncuffedCrosscurrents
bf thames (Brian Thames) is a founding producer of KALW's Uncuffed, presenting stories that show the humanity of incarcerated people.