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The News Roundup — Domestic

A nurse administers a shot of a COVID-19 vaccine to a patient in Louisville, Kentucky.
A nurse administers a shot of a COVID-19 vaccine to a patient in Louisville, Kentucky.

President Joe Biden delivered his first-ever address to a joint session of Congress this week, during which he outlined his plan for an aggressive expansion of social spending. South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott delivered the Republican response.

“This is becoming a sort of new tradition, where a president lays out his agenda in his first months in office,” says @PoliticsReid.

— 1A (@1a) April 29, 2021

And three men in Georgia were indicted on federal hate crime charges related to the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man who was shot while he was on a jog in February 2020.

Mitchell S. Jackson wrote about Arbery in Runner’s World last year.

Peoples, I invite you to ask yourself, just what is a runner’s world? Ask yourself who deserves to run? Who has the right? Ask who’s a runner? What’s their so-called race? Their gender? Their class? Ask yourself where do they live, where do they run? Where can’t they live and run? Ask what are the sanctions for asserting their right to live and run—[s—t]—to exist in the world. Ask why? Ask why? Ask why?

Ahmaud Arbery, by all accounts, loved to run but didn’t call himself a runner. That is a shortcoming of the culture of running. That Maud’s jogging made him the target of hegemonic white forces is a certain failure of America. Check the books—slave passes, vagrancy laws, Harvard’s Skip Gates arrested outside his own crib—Blacks ain’t never owned the same freedom of movement as whites.

And we remember astronaut Michael Collins, who passed away at 90. We also note the death of KCUR reporter Aviva Okeson-Haberman, who was shot and killed in her apartment in Kansas City at the age of 24. Colleagues remembered her as “sweet, kind and gracious” and her work as “thoughtful, aggressive and compassionate.”

We cover all the top national news on the domestic edition of the News Roundup.

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