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What is the Kale-W tee?

Make a contribution of $91.70 to KALW's May campaign to receive our punny “Kale-W” tee, conceived and designed by our own Ali Budner and Ashleyanne Krigbaum.

This lemon yellow t-shirt features a green hand-drawn depiction of four kale leaves arranged into the letter W.

On the back, a kale-circled explainer answers the riddle: “KALW 91.7 FM, Local Public Radio, San Francisco.”  And we've got kids' sizes!

Matt Martin was KALW’s general manager from 2006 through 2018. Under his leadership, KALW grew into one of the most productive and innovative stations in public radio. Programs launched at KALW during Matt’s tenure as GM include the award-winning local newsmagazine Crosscurrents, the design podcast 99% Invisible, and the Spanish-language narrative journalism program Radio Ambulante. He helped create the station’s Audio Academy, a year-long program aimed at developing new talents in public radio, and led the first broad-based strategic planning process in the station’s history.