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Tuesday April 28, 2015


  • 118th Day of 2015 247 Remaining
  • Summer Begins in 54 Days
  • Sunrise:6:16
  • Sunset:7:57
  • 13 Hours 41 Minutes
  • Moon Rise:3:11pm
  • Moon Set:3:29am
  • Phase:75%
  • Full Moon May 3 @ 8:44pm
  • Full Flower Moon In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.
  • Tides
  • High:7:43am/8:46pm
  • Low:2:11am/2:04pm
  • Holidays
  • Worker’s Memorial Day
  • Biological Clock Day
  • Cubicle Day
  • Great Poetry Reading Day
  • National Blueberry Pie Day
  • National Kiss Your Mate Day
  • Evacuation Day-Libya
  • Hero’s Day-Barbados
  • International Day For Safety And Health In The Workplace
  • On This Day
  • 1282 --- Villagers in Palermo led a revolt against French rule in Sicily. 
  • 1686 --- The first volume of Isaac Newton's "Principia Mathamatic" was published. 
  • 1789 --- Three weeks into a journey from Tahiti to the West Indies, the HMS Bounty is seized in a mutiny led by Fletcher Christian, the master’s mate. Captain William Bligh and 18 of his loyal supporters were set adrift in a small, open boat, and the Bounty set course for Tubuai south of Tahiti.
  • 1796 --- 'American Cookery' by Amelia Simmons is published in Hartford. It is the first cookbook written by an American.
  • 1915 --- The International Congress of Women convenes at The Hague, Netherlands, with more than 1,200 delegates from 12 countries—including Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy, Poland, Belgium and the United States—all dedicated to the cause of peace and a resolution of the great international conflict that was World War I.
  • 1916 --- The British declared martial law throughout Ireland.
  • 1925 --- Poet T.S. Eliot accepts a position as editor at Faber and Faber publishers. The job allows Eliot, who is already recognized as a major poet, to quit his job as a bank clerk at Lloyd’s Bank in London.
  • 1937 --- The first animated-cartoon electric sign was displayed on a building on Broadway in New York City. It was created by Douglas Leigh.
  • 1940 --- Glenn Miller and his orchestra recorded "PEnnsylvania 6-5000." 
  • 1945 --- “Il Duce,” Benito Mussolini, and his mistress, Clara Petacci, are shot by Italian partisans who had captured the couple as they attempted to flee to Switzerland. The 61-year-old deposed former dictator of Italy was established by his German allies as the figurehead of a puppet government in northern Italy during the German occupation toward the close of the war. As the Allies fought their way up the Italian peninsula, defeat of the Axis powers all but certain, Mussolini considered his options. Not wanting to fall into the hands of either the British or the Americans, and knowing that the communist partisans, who had been fighting the remnants of roving Italian fascist soldiers and thugs in the north, would try him as a war criminal, he settled on escape to a neutral country. He and his mistress made it to the Swiss border, only to discover that the guards had crossed over to the partisan side. Knowing they would not let him pass, he disguised himself in a Luftwaffe coat and helmet, hoping to slip into Austria with some German soldiers. His subterfuge proved incompetent, and he and Petacci were discovered by partisans and shot, their bodies then transported by truck to Milan, where they were hung upside down and displayed publicly for revilement by the masses.
  • 1947 --- Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl and five others set out in a balsa wood craft known as Kon Tiki to prove that Peruvian Indians could have settled in Polynesia. The trip began in Peru and took 101 days to complete the crossing of the Pacific Ocean. 
  • 1965 --- In an effort to forestall what he claims will be a “communist dictatorship” in the Dominican Republic, President Lyndon B. Johnson sends more than 22,000 U.S. troops to restore order on the island nation. Johnson’s action provoked loud protests in Latin America and skepticism among many in the United States.
  • 1967 --- Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali refuses to be inducted into the U.S. Army and is immediately stripped of his heavyweight title. Ali, a Muslim, cited religious reasons for his decision to forgo military service.
  • 1969 --- Following the defeat of his proposals for constitutional reform in a national referendum, Charles de Gaulle resigns as president of France. A veteran of World War I, de Gaulle unsuccessfully petitioned his country to modernize its armed forces between the wars. 
  • 1969 --- In Santa Rosa Charles M. Schulz's Redwood Empire Ice Arena opened.
  • 1970 --- President Richard Nixon gives his formal authorization to commit U.S. combat troops, in cooperation with South Vietnamese units, against communist troop sanctuaries in Cambodia.
  • 1980 --- Secretary of State Cyrus Vance resigned over his opposition to the failed rescue mission aimed at freeing American hostages in Iran.
  • 1980 --- Marshall Tucker Band bass player Tommy Caldwell died of injuries he got in a car accident in Spartanburg, SC.
  • 1988 --- In Maui, HI, one flight attendant was killed when the fuselage of a Boeing 737 ripped open in mid-flight. 
  • 1994 --- Former CIA official Aldrich Ames, who had betrayed U.S. secrets to the Soviet Union and then Russia, pleaded guilty to espionage and tax evasion and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
  • 1995 --- A gas explosion beneath a busy city street in Taegu, South Korea, kills more than 100 people. Sixty children, some on their way to school, were among the victims of the blast. Taegu was a city of 2.2 million people, located about 150 miles south of Seoul. At the time of the explosion, an underground railroad was being constructed beneath the city streets. Metal sheets were put down in place of asphalt to cover holes in certain sections of downtown roads during the construction. At about 7:30 a.m., during a busy rush hour, a large explosion rumbled beneath the streets, blasting the metal sheets high into the air. Flames shot out from underground, some 150 feet high, throughout a 300-yard area. Cars were transformed into fireballs and one was reported to have been thrown 30 feet into the air. Some pedestrians in the area were enveloped by fire; others further away were blown to the ground. Flaming debris hit people up to half of a mile away. The final death toll was 110, with hundreds injured. Rescue efforts were impeded by broken water mains that flooded the area in the aftermath.
  • 2001 --- A Russian rocket launched from Central Asia with the first space tourist aboard. The crew consisted of California businessman Dennis Tito and two cosmonauts. The destination was the international space station. 
  • 2004 --- The first photos of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal were shown on CBS' "60 Minutes II."
  • Birthdays
  • Harper Lee
  • Alice Waters
  • Lionel Barrymore
  • James Monroe (5th President)
  • Carolyn Jones
  • Louise Homer
  • Blossom Dearie
  • Ann Margret
  • Bruno Kirby
  • Jay Leno
  • Kim Gordon
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Jessica Alba
  • Too Short
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini