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Thursday April 23, 2015

  • 113th Day of 2015 252 Remaining
  • Summer Begins in 59 Days
  • Sunrise:6:22
  • Sunset:7:53
  • 13 Hours 31 Minutes
  • Moon Rise:10:36am
  • Moon Set:12:11am
  • Phase:29%
  • Full Moon May 3 @ 8:44pm

Full Flower Moon In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Thus, the name of this Moon. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.

  • Tides
  • High:2:18am/4:29pm
  • Low:9:18am/9:39pm
  • Holidays
  • Lover’s Day
  • Movie Theatre Day
  • Lost Dog Awareness Day
  • National Cherry Cheesecake Day
  • National Picnic Day
  • Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • Take A Chance Day
  • Talk Like Shakespeare Day
  • English Language Day

  • World Copyright Day
  • World Book Night
  • World Laboratory Day
  • Aragon Day-Spain
  • Children’s Day-Turkey
  • Peppercorn Day-Bermuda
  • On This Day
  • 1014 --- Brian Boru, the high king of Ireland, is assassinated by a group of retreating Norsemen shortly after his Irish forces defeated them. Forces under Brian’s son Murchad met and annihilated the Viking coalition at the Battle of Clontarf, near Dublin. After the battle, a small group of Norsemen, flying from their defeat, stumbled on Brian’s tent, overcame his bodyguards, and murdered the elderly king. Victory at Clontarf broke Norse power in Ireland forever, but Ireland largely fell into anarchy after the death of Brian.
  • 1635 --- The Boston Public Latin School was established. It was the first public school building in the United States. 
  • 1778 --- John Paul Jones, with 30 volunteers from his ship, the USS Ranger, launches a surprise attack on the two harbor forts at Whitehaven, England. Jones’ boat successfully took the southern fort, but a second boat, assigned to attack to the northern fort, returned to the Ranger without having done so, claiming to have been scared off by a strange noise. To compensate, Jones decided to burn the southern fort; the blaze ultimately consumed the entire town. It was the only American raid on English shores during the American Revolution.
  • 1859 --- Beating a rival publisher by a mere 20 minutes, William Byers distributes the first newspaper ever published in the frontier boomtown of Denver, Colorado. In honor of the rugged mountain range that rose up abruptly to the west of Denver, Byers named his new venture in frontier journalism The Rocky Mountain News. Byers remained the editor and publisher of the News until 1878.
  • 1900 --- The word "hillbilly" was first used in print in an article in the "New York Journal." It was spelled "Hill-Billie". 
  • 1942 --- German bombers strike Exeter and later Bath, Norwick, York, and other “medieval-city centres.” Almost 1,000 English civilians are killed in the bombing attacks nicknamed “Baedeker Raids.” The Germans attacked cathedral cities of great historical significance. The 15th-century Guildhall, in York, as an example, was destroyed. The Germans called their air attacks “Baedeker Raids,” named for the German publishing company famous for guidebooks popular with tourists. The Luftwaffe vowed to bomb every building in Britain that the Baedeker guide had awarded “three stars.”
  • 1945 --- Less than two weeks after taking over as president after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman gives a tongue-lashing to Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. The incident indicated that Truman was determined to take a “tougher” stance with the Soviets than his predecessor had.
  • 1954 --- Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves hit the first of his 755 major-league home runs in a game against the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • 1964 --- Ken Johnson (Houston Copt .45's) threw the first no-hitter for a loss. The game was lost 1-0 to the Cincinnati Reds due to two errors.
  • 1967 --- Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov is killed when his parachute fails to deploy during his spacecraft’s landing. Komarov was testing the spacecraft Soyuz I in the midst of the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union.
  • 1968 --- 300 Columbia students barricaded the office of the college dean, charging the university with supporting the Vietnam War and violating Harlem residents’ civil rights.
  • 1969 --- Sirhan Sirhan is sentenced to the death penalty after being convicted in the assassination of politician Robert F. Kennedy. In 1972, Sirhan’s sentence was commuted to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty.
  • 1975 --- At a speech at Tulane University, President Gerald Ford says the Vietnam War is finished as far as America is concerned. “Today, Americans can regain the sense of pride that existed before Vietnam. But it cannot be achieved by re-fighting a war.” This was devastating news to the South Vietnamese, who were desperately pleading for U.S. support as the North Vietnamese surrounded Saigon for the final assault on the capital city.
  • 1985 --- Coca-Cola announced it was changing its 99 year old secret formula. New Coke was a big flop.
  • 1987 --- Chrysler Corporation purchases Nuova Automobili F. Lamborghini, the Bologna, Italy-based maker of high-priced, high-performance cars. Although the terms of the deal were not disclosed, the media reported that Chrysler paid $25 million for Lamborghini, which at the time was experiencing financial difficulties.
  • 1988 --- In Martinez, CA, a drain valve was left open at the Shell Marsh. More than 10,000 barrels of oil poured into the marsh adjoining Peyton Slough.
  • 1991 --- The first McDonald's in Beijing, China opened. It is the world's largest McDonald's, with 28,000 square feet, seating for 700 and 1,000 employees.
  • 2003 --- U.S. President George W. Bush signed legislation that authorized the design change of the 5-cent coin (nickel) for release in 2004. It was the first change to the coin in 65 years. The change, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase, was planned to run for only two years before returning to the previous design.
  • 2004 --- U.S. President George W. Bush eased sanctions against Libya in return for Moammar Gadhafi's agreement to give up weapons of mass destruction. 
  • Birthdays
  • Roy Orbison
  • Shirley Temple
  • William Shakespeare
  • Granville T Woods
  • Max Planck
  • George Lopez
  • Valerie Bertinelli
  • James Buchanan (15th President)
  • William Penn
  • Stephen Douglas
  • Vladimir Nabokov
  • Sergei Prokofiev
  • Janet Blair
  • Sandra Dee
  • Herve’ Villechaize
  • Bernadette Devlin
  • Joyce DeWitt
  • Narada Michael Walden
  • Michael Moore
  • Judy Davis
  • Melina Kanakaredes