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Monday, February 11, 2013


San Francisco  sunrise:   7:04 a.m.                Sunset 5:45 p.m.    

Day Length:   10 hours, 41 minutes

Moonrise:   7:34 am.                                       Moonset:  7:45 p.m.

On this date in history ...

1752 - The Pennsylvania Hospital opened as the very first hospital in America.

1808 - Judge Jesse Fell experimented by burning anthracite coal to keep his house warm. He successfully showed how clean the coal burned and how cheaply it could be used as a heating fuel.

1812 - The term "gerrymandering" had its beginning when the governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, signed a redistricting law that favored his party.

1878 - The first U.S. bicycle club, Boston Bicycle Club, was formed.

1936 - Pumping began the process to build San Francisco's Treasure Island.

1937 - General Motors agreed to recognize the United Automobile Workers Union, ending a sit-down strike.

1943 - General Dwight David Eisenhower was selected to command the allied armies in Europe during World War 2

1958 - Ruth Carol Taylor was the first black woman to become a stewardess by making her initial flight.

1960 - Jack Paar walked off while live on the air on the "Tonight Show" with four minutes left. He did this in response to censors cutting out a joke from the show the night before.

1968 - The new 20,000 seat Madison Square Garden officially opened in New York. This was the fourth Garden.

1972 - McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. and Life magazine canceled plans to publish an autobiography of Howard Hughes. The work turned out to be fake.

1975 - Margaret Thatcher became the first woman to head a major party in Britain when she was elected leader of the Conservative Party.

1979 - Nine days after the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned to Iran (after 15 years in exile) power was seized by his followers.

1982 - ABC-TV’s presentation of "The Winds of War" concluded. The 18-hour miniseries cost $40 million to produce and was the most-watched television program in history at the time.

1982 - France nationalized five groups of major industries and 39 banks.

1984 - The tenth Space Shuttle mission returned to Earth safely.

1989 - Rev. Barbara C. Harris became the first woman to be consecrated as a bishop in the Episcopal Church.

1990 - Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 years in captivity.

1990 - In Tokyo, Japan, James "Buster" Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson in the tenth round to win the heavyweight championship.

1993 - Janet Reno was appointed to the position of attorney general by U.S. President Clinton. She was the first female to hold the position.

2000 - The space shuttle Endeavor took off. The mission was to gather information for the most detailed map of the earth ever made.

2000 - Great Britain suspended self-rule in Northern Ireland after the Irish Republican Army (IRA) failed to begin decommissioning (disarming) by a February deadline.

2002 - The six stars on NBC's "Friends" signed a deal for $24 million each for the ninth and final season of the series.

2006 - In Texas, U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and wounded a companion during a quail hunt.

And a few items in music history. On Feb. 11 in ...

1916 - The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra presented its first concert. The symphony was the first by a municipal orchestra to be supported by taxes.

1963 - The Beatles recorded "Twist & Shout" and "I Saw Her Standing There."
John Lennon Merchandise - Today in Beatles History - Beatles apparel and gear

1964 - The Beatles played their first U.S. concert at the Collisseum in Washington, DC.
John Lennon Merchandise - Today in Beatles History - Beatles apparel and gear

1967 - The Monkees announced that they would be playing all the instruments on all future recordings.

Birthdays:    (if today’s your special day, you share it with:)

Lydia Child 1802

Thomas Alva Edison 1847 - Inventor and businessman. His inventions included the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical electric light bulb

John Mills (The Mills Brothers) 1889

Josh White 1908

Joseph Mankiewicz 1909

Matt Dennis 1914

Sidney Sheldon 1917

Eva Gabor 1921 - Actress

Lloyd Bentsen 1921

Kim Stanley 1925

Dr. Virginia Johnson 1925

Leslie Nielson 1926 - Actor

Conrad Janis 1928 - Actor ("Mork and Mindy")

Larry Merchant 1931

Mary Quant 1934

Tina Louise 1934 - Actress ("Gilligan's Island")

Gerry Goffin 1935 - Songwriter

Gene Vincent 1935

Sergio Mendes 1935 - Bandleader

Burt Reynolds 1936 - Actor ("Smokey and the Bandit")

Bobby "Boris" Pickett 1938

Otis Clay 1942

Jeb Bush 1953 - Governor of Florida, brother of U.S. President George W. Bush

Phillip Anglim 1953

Catherin Hickland 1956

Carey Lowell 1961 - Actress ("Law and Order")

Sheryl Crow 1962 - Singer, musician

Sarah Palin 1964 - Governor of Alaska

Jennifer Aniston 1969 - Actress ("Friends")