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Wednesday January 4, 2012

  • 4th Day of 2012 / 362 Remaining
  • 76 Days Until Spring Begins
  • Sunrise:7:25
  • Sunset:5:04
  • 9 Hr 31 Min
  • Moon Rise:1:29pm
  • Moon Set:3:20am
  • Moon’s Phase: 81 %
  • The Next Full Moon
  • January 8 @ 11:32pm
  • Full Wolf Moon
  • Full Old Moon

Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. Thus, the name for January’s full Moon. Sometimes it was also referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon After Yule. Some called it the Full Snow Moon, but most tribes applied that name to the next Moon.

  • Tides
  • High:6:36am/9:01pm
  • Low:12:31am/2:07pm
  • Rainfall
  • This Year:3.37
  • Last Year:12.20
  • Year To Date Average:8.62
  • Annual Average: 22.28
  • Holidays
  • Admission Day-Utah
  • Dimpled Chad Day
  • Solar Eclipse
  • Trivia Day
  • National Spaghetti Day
  • Eat An Oreo Cookie, Look at Your Teeth, and Remember to Floss Day
  • World Hypnotism Day
  • World Braille Day
  • Independence Day-Myanmar
  • Martyr’s Of Colonial Repression Day-Angola
  • Martyr’s Of Independence Day-Republic Of Congo
  • On This Day In …
  • 1861 -- Delegates from six southern states met in Montgomery, Ala., to form the Confederate States of America.
  • 1863 --- James Plimpton of New York City patented 4-wheeled roller skates with one wheel at each corner of the skate. Previous skates had wheels in a line.
  • 1896 --- Utah (45th state) entered the United States of America; capital: Salt Lake City; bird: seagull; flower: sego lily; nickname: Beehive State. The entrance of Utah into the Union followed the Mormon’s abandonment of polygamy.
  • 1936 --- Billboard magazine published the first list of best-selling pop records, covering the week ending Dec. 30, 1935. On the list were records by the Guy Lombardo and Ozzie Nelson orchestras.
  • 1938 --- The Thornton Wilder play "Our Town" opened on Broadway
  • 1954 --- Elvis Presley strolled into the Memphis Recording Service and put $4 on the counter. He recorded Casual Love Affair and I’ll Never Stand in Your Way, two songs that so impressed record executive Sam Phillips that he had Elvis record his first professional sides for Sun Records the following August.
  • 1965 --- Leo Fender sold the Fender Guitar Company to CBS for $13 million
  • 1965 --- In his State of the Union address, President Lyndon Baines Johnson lays out for Congress a laundry list of legislation needed to achieve his plan for a Great Society. On the heels of John F. Kennedy's tragic death, Americans had elected Johnson, his vice president, to the presidency by the largest popular vote in the nation's history. Johnson used this mandate to push for improvements he believed would better Americans' quality of life. Following Johnson's lead, Congress enacted sweeping legislation in the areas of civil rights, health care, education and the environment. The 1965 State of the Union address heralded the creation of Medicare/Medicaid, Head Start, the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the White House Conference on Natural Beauty. Johnson also signed the National Foundation of the Arts and Humanities Act, out of which emerged the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Through the Economic Opportunity Act, Johnson fought a War on Poverty by implementing improvements in early childhood education and fair employment policies. He was also a strong advocate for conservation, proposing the creation of a green legacy through preserving natural areas, open spaces and shorelines and building more urban parks. In addition, Johnson stepped up research and legislation regarding air- and water-pollution control measures.
  • 1974 --- Patricia Hearst was kidnapped in Berkeley, Calif., by the Symbionese Liberation Army.
  • 1974 --- President Richard Nixon refuses to hand over tape recordings and documents that had been subpoenaed by the Senate Watergate Committee. Marking the beginning of the end of his Presidency, Nixon would resign from office in disgrace eight months later.
  • 1981 --- The Broadway show "Frankenstein" opened and closed on the same night at a reported loss of $2 million.
  • 1999 --- Minnesota inaugurated pro wrestler Jesse Ventura as its 38th governor. The only Reform Party candidate to ever win statewide office, Ventura had shocked the political establishment by defeating Attorney General Hubert H. (Skip) Humphrey III and St. Paul Mayor Norm Coleman in an upset victory.
  • 1999 --- Four plainclothes New York City police officers fired 41 bullets at Amadou Diallo in front of his Bronx home after mistaking his wallet for a gun. The unarmed West African immigrant was killed.
  • 1999 --- the first time since Charlemagne's reign in the ninth century, Europe is united with a common currency when the "euro" debuts as a financial unit in corporate and investment markets. Eleven European Union (EU) nations (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain), representing some 290 million people, launched the currency in the hopes of increasing European integration and economic growth.
  • 2003 --- Yugoslavia was dissolved and replaced with a loose union of its remaining two republics, Serbia and Montenegro.
  • 2006 --- Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. She was the first woman to hold the position.
  • Birthdays
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Rosa Parks
  • Charles Lindberg
  • Sterling Holloway(voice of Winnie the Pooh)
  • Dyan Cannon
  • Patty Loveless
  • Michael Stipe
  • Clint Black
  • George Romero
  • Dan Quayle
  • Alice Cooper
  • Rob Corddry
  • Natalie Imbruglia
  • Clyde Tombaugh
  • Jakob Grimm
  • Louis Braille
  • Jane Wyman
  • Don Shula
  • Floyd Patterson