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World Cup Features a Rounder Soccer Ball


Have you noticed something about the ball they're using in the World Cup? It's rounder, so it might take scientists to detect the difference. Adidas, which has made the balls for all 64 World Cup matches, is introducing what it says is a more spherical spheroid. The team guides to a team spirit ball is rounder, senior engineer Hans Peter Nuremberg[ph] told the New York Times, because the panels are pre-molded into the right shape rather than cut out of a flat piece of plastic and pressed and sewn into a round shape. England's goalkeeper Paul Robinson told reporters that the Team Spirit Ball depresses his goalkeeper's spirits. It's more like a water polo ball or volleyball, he said. It's very light and moves a lot in the air. And if the rounder ball doesn't lead to higher scores, which World Cup fans seem to like, Adidas will put dynamite in the next World Cup ball. That ought to keep the goalies away. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.