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2018 Midterm Election Briefs

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Proposition 12 has to do with the caging of farm animals.


Back in 2008, Californians passed an initiative to ban the practice of confining farm animals in extremely small cages. The measure said that animals had to be kept in cages that were large enough for them to turn around in and to stretch their limbs or wings. But the measure didn’t specify exactly how big those cages had to be.


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Alright, let’s say you are a paramedic and you work for an ambulance company. When you take a lunch break, are you still on-call? Can your company make you respond to an emergency?


That’s the question being considered in Proposition 11.


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This proposition would allow cities to expand their rent control ordinances by repealing the 1995 law known as Costa Hawkins.


Proposition 8: Dialysis Clinics

Sep 18, 2018
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The country’s two biggest dialysis companies collect about 3 billion dollars a year from California dialysis clinics. Dialysis is the medical process that basically does what your kidneys should be doing, cleaning out toxins in the blood.

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Proposition 6 is all about repealing the new gas tax, and making it harder to raise gas taxes in the future.

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Proposition 4 is the Children's Hospital Bonds Initiative. It would authorize $1.5 billion dollars in “general obligation” bonds to award grants to children's hospitals for construction and renovation.


A general obligation bond is a lower risk loan because the government can repay the bond with tax revenue.

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As a kid, you might have learned the phrase “spring forward, fall back,” in order to help you remember how daylight saving time works. Since 1918, most of the United States has, on and off, observed the practice of moving the time forward one hour between March and November every year. The idea is to have more light later in the day - so, sunrises and sunsets happen one hour later - darker mornings, lighter evenings. This year, Californians will vote on whether we should keep this practice year round, and make daylight saving time permanent.

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Proposition 5 would amend the controversial 1978 law known as Proposition 13, which freezes property tax rates as homes appreciate over time. The new proposition would allow homebuyers who are over 55 or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments when they move homes — that means, instead of paying the higher tax rate that often comes with a new purchase, they’d keep paying taxes at the rate that was set when they purchased their last home. As long as the new home is of equal or less value.


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Proposition 3 is one of the handful of state bond measures we are voting on this November. This one has to do with water. And it may sound familiar .  In June, Californians passed Proposition 68.

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Proposition 2 deals with funding a housing program for people who have mental health issues. Back in 2004, Californians voted in favor of something called the Mental Health Services Act.

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Proposition 1 is the Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act. If passed, it would authorize the sale of $4 billion in bonds to finance a bunch of existing low-income housing programs, build new, state-owned housing and match local housing trust funds dollar-for-dollar as they pilot new programs. One-quarter of this $4 billion would help veterans purchase homes, mobile homes and farms.