Radio Poets: Oscar Martinez | KALW

Radio Poets: Oscar Martinez

Apr 22, 2014

 Oscar Martinez is a student at San Francisco's E.R.Taylor Elementary School, where he writes poetry and plays soccer as part of the AmericaSCORES program.  KALW is proud to bring his voice to the air during National Poetry Month.

My Mom

I love my mom

Because she will always love me

On and on

I will always love her

Till she’s gone!


I love my mom because 

Even though she doesn’t buy

Me the things I want 

That’s okay!! 

Only thing I want from her 

Is to stay


I love my mom because

On Saturday game days

She always cheers me on

I love her because

Each game day

She brings me food


My mom is no like the rest 

If there is a test of beauty 

She passes the test

She has more then beauty she is fabulous

Glorious and special… so you want to know

Who she is?

She is my mom!!!


By Oscar Martinez

E.R. Taylor

4th grade