Philosophy Talk: Queerness | KALW

Philosophy Talk: Queerness

Jun 2, 2017

Is queerness just a marker of sexual orientation, or is it a political and social identity?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual… it is safe to say that new ideas of gender and sexuality have broken into mainstream consciousness within the past few decades. What underlies each of these identities, however, is the notion of Queerness. But what defines what it means to be queer? Is it as much a political identity as it is a sexual or gender identity? How does ‘queerness’ subvert or challenge our notions of gender and sexuality? John and Ken welcome Susan Stryker from the University of Arizona, editor of The Transgender Studies Reader. Sunday 6/04 at 10 am and Tuesday 6/06 at 12 noon.