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Cannabis News Roundup: Scholarships offered at Oaksterdam U.

Aug 25, 2017

S.F. dispensary moratorium sends wrong signal, says state senator ... Oaksterdam offers scholarships ... Desert “cannabis paradise” faces big obstacles ... health, opinion, and more.

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San Francisco’s dispensary moratorium is bad move, says state senator // SFGate

“State Sen. Scott Wiener criticized a San Francisco Board of Supervisors proposal to temporarily halt permits of new cannabis dispensaries, saying it would ‘send a terrible message statewide.’”


Nevada judge opens distribution channels // SFChronicle

“A Carson City District Judge lifted an order [last week] blocking regulators from issuing pot distribution licenses to anyone other than alcohol wholesalers.”


Scholarships available at Oaksterdam U. // The Leaf Online

“The Oaksterdam University scholarship focus is on Latino students via The Jim Gonzalez Award; on Veterans via The Bruce Scott Award; on African Americans via The Alice Huffman Award, and on Seniors with The Gayle Tice AwardApplications are now available.”

Indoor grow operations compromise goals for greenhouse gas emissions // NPR

Growers are testing LED lights, plasma lights, anything that will help reduce energy use, and costs.

SuperCritical Ale: for those who want to drink their marijuana // CannbisNow

“SuperCritical Ale is brewed with seven hop strains and cannabis terpenes from the strains Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies.” The brew is being made through a partnership between Lagunitas Brewing Co. and AbsoluteXtracts, both located in Sonoma County.

Denver may have nation’s first pot social clubs // The Cannabist

“Denver voters approved bring-your-own-pot clubs in a ballot measure last year after city officials’ dragged their feet on calls to give legal pot smokers a place to use the drug. The city plans to start accepting applications by the end of the month.”

Dream of converting Nipton, CA to cannabis paradise faces high hurdles // Miami Herald

Tiny Nipton, CA made headlines recently when American Green purchased it. The firm hopes to transform it into a marijuana tourist spot, but some due diligence seems to lacking.

One example: "State law requires a minimum of 500 registered voters and a minimum population of 10,000 residents in order to have a tax base to offset the costs of basic municipal needs such as law enforcement." The current population is six.

Banks still shun cannabiz in Uruguay, despite legality // Marijuana Business Daily

“Uruguayan pharmacies began selling adult-use cannabis July 19, but ...banks that deal with companies that sell rec marijuana risk running afoul of international finance laws.”


Cannabis useful in preventing strokes, study says //International Business Times

“A number of experts have warned of the side-effects of marijuana. However, a new study conducted by the University of Texas at Dallas has found cannabis can improve a person’s health by enhancing the blood and oxygen flow, thus reducing the risk of blood clots and the possibility of a stroke


Boycott of conference over Trump advisor’s appearance // Marijuana Business Daily

“The Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) is leading the protest against [Robert] Stone’s appearance at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition (CWCBE), scheduled for Sept. 13-15, L.A. Weekly reported.

“Stone, a longtime adviser to Donald Trump, is a keynote speaker.”


Will Mendo cannabis industry be regulated to death? //Swami Chaitanya

“There are so many rules, so many new permits, costly lab tests, taxes, as well as so many professional advisors to hire, that when the average farmer looks at the going wholesale price and does the math, many are deciding there is no way to break even.”

California’s cannabis regulations can’t possibly be ready by January // Fresno Bee

“Like most initiatives, the measure, promoted by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and largely funded by entrepreneurs who intend to profit from legalized weed, left the details to be worked out by others. Legislation passed as part of the 2017-18 budget filled in some blanks. But much is to be determined.”


New Netflix series mines the stereotypes // SF Chronicle

There was a time when many comedians had a “drunk act.” Replacing alcohol with cannabis is hardly a new comedic device, but it’s the foundation for a series starring Kathy Bates called “Disjointed” (get it?).

It’s available on Netflix starting today.

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