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Audiograph's Sound of the Week: Raiders Tailgate

Mar 31, 2017

Here's the sound we played as a clue. We asked you to guess what exactly it is and where exactly in the Bay Area we recorded it.

Rob Hobart: This is the least racist place you will go. No one here cares where you grew up, or the color of your skin. They just care that you're wearing silver and black.

Our winner was Robin Young. 

This auditory guessing game is part of Audiograph, a crowd-sourced collaborative radio project mapping the Bay Area’s sonic signature. Audiograph tells the story of where you live, and the people who live there with you. Every Thursday, we tell you the story behind our weekly mystery sound on Crosscurrents, and here in weekly blog posts.

Listen above for the full answer...

This piece originally aired in February of 2016.